Section Three: 
Film & TV Auditions - Page 253 310/921-6004
They are a marketing service that submits actors' headshots to producers, major casting notices and directors for a weekly fee.
You receive a detailed report listing your submissions.

Founded in 1997, over 90% of their clients
book auditions or jobs.

Clients have auditioned for or booked: Alias, ER, CSI:NY, CSI:Miami, West Wing,
Without A Trace, The Shield, Cold Case, The Practice, House of Sand and Fog, Planet of the Apes, One Night at McCool's, General Hospital, Days Of Our Lives, and Passions.
As well as IBM, Hertz, Doritos and Chevrolet commercials and numerous independent films.
Judy Kerr was a dialogue coach on the sitcom "Seinfeld".
This is the 11th publication of her book.
She stays abreast of all that's reputable
in the industry. is featured on Page 253.
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