We only accept headshots & acting resumes in the following format:
Casting directors and producers prefer to receive headshots in a certain format. There is an industry accepted format that should be met for your headshot to be considered professional. Following this format will enable you to achieve more auditions.

*Headshots must be 8 x 10  Some of our clients' favorite photographers.

*Resumes must be copied or taped to the back, but NOT STAPLED (see alternatives below) 

*Resume must be cut down to the same size as the headshot
  (The resume can be smaller than the headshot, but NOT bigger)

*Add a personal contact number on your resume
  If you have an agent you are welcome to leave your agent’s number on your resume, but be sure to add a personal number
  as well. It is best to place your personal number immediately under your name.
  Then add your agent’s number over to the right or left side of the acting-resume.
  Make it crystal clear that your personal number is your personal number and not a personal number for your agent.
  Do not put your personal number immediately under your agent’s number.

*Make sure you have credited yourself correctly on your resume
  (Ex: Lead, Supporting, Co-star)
  If at all possible, do not list extra work. More info below.

1.  Use double-sided tape
Use double-sided tape to attach your resume to your picture. You can purchase double-sided at Office Depot for about $3 per roll. Put a piece of tape in each corner of the headshot and your acting- resume will lay nice and flat on the back of your headshot. We do not accept stapled headshots because the staples make marks and scratches on your headshots.  We keep your headshots in a stack and we pull your headshot off the top of your stack. The staples put scratches on your headshot underneath.

2.  Copy your resume on the back of your headshot
Most Kinko’s (now called Fed Ex Office) will copy your resume on the back of your picture for about seven cents a copy. Call your local Kinko’s to make sure they offer this service.We have seen it done, so we know they can do it. Sometimes you need to ask for the manager.

Nu-Print can also print your resume on the back of almost any headshot. You receive a discount if you order more than over 100 copies.
Studio City (818) 509-0003

L.A. Press Printing will print your acting-resume on the back of your headshot for very reasonable prices.
5476 Wilshire Blvd  323-936-8888

Acting Resume
We have reviewed 1000's of resumes and researched the basic industry accepted format. Make sure your resume meets these standards. Your resume is a direct reflection of your acting credits and casting directors will take notice. Unfortunately, we have discovered most actors do not even know how to credit themselves in a film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is the definitive source on how to bill yourself in a film. The Academy only gives Oscars to Lead and Supporting actors. Therefore in the film section on your resume, you should be billed as Lead or Supporting.
You should not be billed as Principle, Starring or the name of the character you played. If you would like to purchase a sample resume with explanations of why and how the items are placed on the
acting-resume, click below. add text.