We were founded in 1997 and have enjoyed tremendous success with
over 90% of our clients booking auditions jobsWe have had clients read for numerous high profile projects such as" the ABC series, "The Forgotten", Courtney Cox’s “Dirt”. CSI:NY, Alias, ER, contract roles on General Hospital as well as major feature films starring Jennifer Connelly, Ray Liotta and Mark Wahlberg. As a direct result of our submissions, several of our clients have read for producers and casting directors of network pilots,

If you have an questions or if you would like to Get More Auditions and would like to set up a meeting, please call us at (310) 921-6004 or e-mail us at GMAMarketing@aol.com
We are actor friendly and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have.
We have an excellent reputation and we have an exemplary rating with the Business Consumer Alliance. 
To begin with our service, we can schedule a face to face meeting or conduct a phone interview to discuss:
the types of projects you are interested in being submitted for, the types of roles you play, your age range and any other pertinent information. We will also discuss if you would like to be: submitted electronically, submitted with hard copies of your headshots or submitted with a combination of the two methods.
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If you have decided to supply us with hard copies of your headshots, we do require your headshots to be given to us in a specific format. We have seen 1000's of headshots and we understand the basic industry accepted format.
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After the meeting or phone interview, GMA would then submit your pictures to a multitude of major producers, directors, casting directors and casting notices to help your Get More Auditions! You are welcome to call us before the meeting
and ask any questions you may have. (310-921-6004) 
As a benefit for any actor that enrolls with our service, we will be glad to give a free headshot and resume consultation. Although some actors are able to use one headshot for theatrical and comedic roles, we find it
is beneficial for you to supply us with both a theatrical and smiling headshot. This enables us to submit the appropriate picture for the right role. The vast majority of the resumes we review are not in industry accepted format and we will be glad to help you bring your resume up to par.

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Over 90% Of Our Clients Book Auditions/Jobs