>auditioned for the ABC sitcom Modern Family 

>auditoned for the Adam Sandler movie Jack & Jill (the role is with Al Pacino!)

>booked a role on General Hospital

>auditioned for ABC's "The Forgotten" starring Christian Slater

>auditioned for "Cheerleader Days", a new CW pilot

>booked a film for the United Nations    
>Sony Film Producer, Laurence Mark
Laurence Mark produced “Jerry Maguire” and “As Good As It Gets”.
Our client met with Laurence Mark for over an hour discussing a new movie
he is producing starring Jeff Daniels.

>Mandalay Pictures Producer
Our client met with the producer of “Backstabbers”, starring Neve Campbell.

>Nickelodeon Producers
Our client read for the producers of the TV show, ”Hi-Jinks” and booked 6 episodes

>CBS Producer, Jim O’Doherty (produced Third Rock From the Sun)
Our client read for a CBS pilot and shot the screen test.

>NBC Producer, Tim Kaiser (produced Will and Grace)
Our client read for a NBC pilot.

>Warner Bros. Producer
Our client met with a Warner Bros. producer and then read
for a movie starring Anna Pacquin.

>Lion’s Gate Producer
Our client met with a Lion’s Gate film producer to discuss upcoming projects.

GMA’s clients have read for major film & TV producers.
Over 90% Of GMA's Clients Book Auditions/Jobs
Alias, ER, CSI: NY, The Shield, Cold Case, CSI: Miami,Without A Trace, The Practice, Courtney Cox’s “Dirt”, The Suit (Cannes Film Festival), CBS’s The Handler, Court TV Pilot, West Wing, Planet Of The Apes (Mark Wahlberg), Arlis$ (HBO), Slow Burn (Ray Liotta), Doomsday Kiss (Gary Oldman), House of Sand and Fog (Jennifer Connelly), One Night At McCool's (Michael Douglas/Matt Dillon), Séance (Corey  Feldman/Adam West), Sea Devils (Paramount movie), Joan Cusak Show (sitcom), Third Rock From The Sun, Almost Japanese (Melanie Griffith), Aaron Spelling'sTitans (episodic), General Hospital (contract role) Days Of Our Lives. Numerous national commercials (AARP, Taco Bell, Chevrolet, Hertz, Ford, AM/PM, Amazon.com) Numerous Independent, graduate and student films.
More Jobs and/or Auditions Our Clients Have Booked
As a direct result of GMA's submissions, our clients have: